Our Corporate Responsibility is a fundamental driver in everything we do and guides our everyday actions. Here at MA Services Group, providing exceptional service to our customers and clients is just the start. 

We seek to enrich and protect lives, so when we interact with thousands of people and communities across the country, we strive to ensure we are serving them with integrity, respect and in the most responsible way possible. Every day, we work to develop innovative service solutions that put our social responsibility goals into action. We focus our energies on initiatives that support our diverse workforce, protect our environment and strengthen our communities. 

Our approach to Corporate and Responsibility is to: 

Lead by example, and increase transparency and dialogue within our industry. 

Continuously improve our operations and create consistent, sustainable and replicable programs. 

Promotes appropriate standards of behaviour always.

Provide equal opportunity by removing barriers to participation and progression in employment so all employees can fully contribute to their workforce and the company.

Offer clients and customers a wide range of eco-friendly and responsibly sourced product options. 

We invest our financial resources, dedicate the skills of our employees and establish key community partnerships to address the issues that best align with our mission and leverage employee skills and expertise to impact the community. 

MA Services Group complies with all
relevant legislation and standards,
including Australian Standards. We
also have a Code of Conduct that
provides our team with key principles in
engaging clients and customers.


MASG has Ethical Sourcing Guidelines in place that set out minimum standards and parameters for procurement other than simply cost. The guidelines govern and guide the souring, manufacture and supply of products and services and sets out a robust testing framework to ensure all materials incorporated into products or services supplied to our clients are within the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which the supplier is doing business.

MA Services Group has developed a corporate position on mitigating the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain in the form of a Modern Slavery Act Statement. We are committed to maintaining and improving systems and processes to avoid complicity in human rights violations related to our own operations, our supply chain, and our products and services.

Our vision for Sustainability

MA Services Group has a robust Environmental and Sustainability Policy in place. The policy is part of our Environmental Management System which is documented both in our quality management system and the MA Services Group Standard Operating Manual with specific procedures and policies that are designed to manage environmental risk on all client work sites.

As a result, MASG is proud to have achieved internationally recognised certification in Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) accreditation.

A strong focus on community
engagement, developing
partnerships with Indigenous

MASG has an affirmative action policy of hiring suitable security guards from an indigenous background wherever possible. Our Indigenous/Disadvantaged Backgrounds Recruitment Plan is aimed at providing security officers from indigenous backgrounds or disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal is to make a best endeavours commitment to meet a 4% Indigenous background workforce target. We have instigated an Indigenous Participation Plan to formalise our support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.