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Who we are

Australian owned, we are solely focused on our local and national markets. Our aspiration is not to be global, but globally aware to provide efficient and productive solutions that deliver real benefits such as:

  • Reduction in resourcing volume without service compromise through productivity & innovation
  • Enhanced security and cleaning measures without additional costs
  • A risk management approach in all activities and duties
  • Workforce multipliers in productivity without higher management or supervision overheads through leading edge technologies

We are everywhere you need us to be and in every state, we have a service foot print that can be leveraged and 100% scalable. This is underpinned by robust systems and procedural frameworks with secured long term business, making us stable and sustainable.

Our approach is to always understand the ecosystem we need to operate in, quantify vulnerabilities and risk climate,
plan and manage in order to deliver real and measurable outcomes.

We believe that while security is a critical service, it can be complimented with additional services to enhance risk mitigation, commercial benefits and reduce management burden.

With this in mind, MASG also offers cleaning, customer service and emergency response as separate or integrated offers.

Certain industries and environments such as retail and events can benefit significantly from an integrated service delivery model and each customer request is treated individually on a needs basis to determine the best solution.

Please take the time to find out about our services in the pages that follow, and keep us front of mind.