At MA Services Group, the pursuit of ‘relationships’ over ‘transactions’ is a deeply held value. Our clients are from diverse industries, our service and value methodologies are exceptional, no matter the size of our customers. As a services business, a key asset is our people and the management frameworks that develop and maintain the highest potential of our workforce. People impact our customers, organization, and each other, so we are acutely aware that leading and managing is critical to our survival.

Our Values

No matter the industry, our values remain the same. Through ingenuity, accountability and a genuine passion for our industry, we have created an exciting company culture where our teams thrive on successful outcomes.

Our philosophy:

  • The expectation is that everyone has the right to go home safe.
  • Innovative, professional, change-oriented and customer-focused people.
  • Every team member is an ambassador for MASG.
  • Everyone understands their role, their contribution and the importance it bears on our business outcomes.
  • Open communication is promoted and supported at all levels.

Reasons to pick us as your Security Company in Brisbane:

  • QLD saw the fifth consecutive annual increase as there were 2,621 robbery victims in 2019, the largest ever recorded in ten years. 77% of the robbery victims could not identify the offenders. Hence, a security company like MASG, can is the safest option to outsmart the offenders near you.
  • Education and Awareness
    With a strong focus on customer service, our specialised teamwork with your staff to promote a positive loss prevention culture and assist with enhancing their security awareness. We work closely with both management and staff to identify key areas of high shrinkage through data analysis and offer solutions to assist in managing your merchandise.
    All our team can identify risks and issues in security and can report these immediately TrackTik.
  • Expertise beyond the shop floor
    With extensive and demonstrated experience in the industry and a pool of expert analyst resources, trends and assist to quickly identify a large percentage of recidivist offenders. Our close relationship and good rapport with other external authorities and various Police departments ensures we have a high success rate in prosecuting offenders.
  • Customer Service Security Officers:
    Increasing the effectiveness by teaming our Covert Loss Prevention Officers with our Customer Service Security Officers (CSSO). Rather than having a disinterested, passive sentry at your point of entry, our CSSOs are proactive, well-groomed and customer service focused professionals specifically trained in Predictive Profiling looking for ‘suspicion indicators’ from potential persons of interest.
MA Security Guards Team

Services we perform:

Security Services
MA Services Group offers commercial security services to its wide range of customers from different industries. We serve customers of all sizes, from a small retail shop in your locality to multibillion-dollar global companies. We have rich experience in the commercial security services domain.

MA Security Guards Team

Retail And Loss Prevention Security
MASG’s Loss Prevention is a team of qualified and trained professionals who have proven experience in the industry. Having a large network in place and rapport with security organizations and Police, which are vital instruments in making Loss Prevention successful in today’s market.

Event Security and Crowd Management Service
MA Services Group has become a strong market leader in securing events and venues with expertise and infrastructure developed over hundreds of events each year. It is without a doubt event security is one of our biggest strengths and, as demonstrated by the clients and events services.

Mobile Patrol Cars

Mobile Patrols
MASG’s approach to patrol services is built on a boutique model placing a high emphasis on attention to detail.  Believing that the clients deserve the best, MA Services group works with them on a journey to innovate, continuously improve and prepare our client’s environment to tackle each foreseeable threat.

Corporate, Government and Commercial Security
MA Services Group is committed to providing a safe and secure environment through clients focuses on detailed planning, continual review of our operational arrangements, measuring and reporting on agreed key performance indicators and contributing to the overall experience.

CCTV camera

Electronic Security Solutions
MA Services Group takes pride in its reputation for customer service and as such offers a full suite of electronic and technical means. From supplying, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art security and data solutions that involve design, installation, and commissioning of all integrated electronic security systems.

 Digital Strategies
TrackTik is MASG’s central source of truth for all employee information saved digitally. From licensing, qualifications, inductions, compliance checks to managing personal details through a series of controls and managerial oversight, just to ensure that only capable, trained and available resources can be deployed.

Cleaning Service
MASG’s Cleaning Excellence system ties together three components: calculation of work requirements; efficient tools and methods; and an efficient supply chain to deliver the tools and methods.

 Customer Service:
MASG’s customer service delivers a positive customer experience is more critical than ever as feedback is socialized instantaneously, publicly and more often without businesses being able to rectify the issue first. This is where we help in delivering positive customer experiences for our client’s sites and events.

Construction, Infrastructure & Building Environments Security
 MA Services Group is committed to ensuring a positive safety culture that has the highest priority across the entire business and to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety standards. MA Services Group takes pride in delivering the right guards or services on brief, on the post, on budget and on time!

 Integrated Facilities Services
MASG’s capabilities are distinct, by offering integrated capability through the three core service pillars: Cleaning, Security & Customer Service. By implementing an integrated service model, MASG can not only optimize performance by engaging multiple service providers, resulting in a more cost-effective provision of services.

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Our Responsibility Towards People:

At MA Services Group, providing exceptional service to our customers and clients is just the start. We seek to enrich and protect lives, so when we interact with thousands of people and communities across the country, we strive to ensure we are serving them with integrity, respect and in the most responsible way possible. Every day, we work to develop innovative service solutions that put our social responsibility goals into action. We focus our energies on initiatives that support our diverse workforce, protect our environment and strengthen our communities.

To ensure the safety and protection of your people, assets and systems.

Law enforcement agencies cannot be present everywhere. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you must protect yourself and your assets. That is where a security company like MA Services Group comes into the picture. If you want to know more about us and the security services we provide, why not call the team on 1300 020 406.

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Where do we provide Security and other services in Queensland?

  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Townsville
  • Cairns
  • Mackay
  • Rockhampton and all over queensland