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Our System Guarantee

Safety Focus

MASG is committed in ensuring workplace health and safety has the highest priority across the entire business and to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety standards. Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management guidelines are linked closely to national and internationally accredited certification which includes AS/NZS 4801: 2001 (Health & Safety) and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

This accreditation is reflected in our OHS Management system through the MASG Quality Management System and the QMS Standard Operating Procedures. It is from this platform we have implemented our company OH&S Policy, to convey our committed to the maintenance of an appropriate OH&S management system where we all work together to ensure not only our own, but each other’s safety at all times.

Our objective is the elimination, at the source, of all incidents and hazards that could result in personal/public injury, occupational illness or damage to property. We recognize the fundamental role of consultation in Occupational Health & Safety.

The MASG Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System has been formulated to define responsibilities throughout the following areas of each process:

  • Management Responsibilities
  • Communication & Consultation
  • Service Providers & Sub-contractors
  • Purchasing
  • Risk Management
  • Training
  • Inspection, Testing and Servicing
  • Incident, Injury & Non Conformance Management
  • Handling, storage, packaging and delivery
  • Internal Monitoring & Review
  • Documentation and Records
  • Risk Hazard Control Plans


Driven by our desire to deliver superior service. We deliver our training program so that our security officers know the risks they face and how to minimise or even eradicate them.

Environment & Sustainability

We ensure compliance with all Local, State and Federal Legislation requirements concerning the environment and with procedures agreed to with each of 
our customers.

In demonstration, of the above commitment and as part of our continual improvement process in the contract cleaning industry, MASG’s senior management team together with its employees, aims to ensure compliance through:

  • Disposal of different types of waste, e.g. Paper, waste water from cleaning equipment, in the specified environmentally acceptable manner
  • Recycling of waste particularly paper
  • Use of environmentally friendly chemicals, their storage disposal
  • The handling and disposal of waste
  • Correct use, dilution, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals
  • Maintenance of equipment to keep air and noise pollution to a minimum

We work beside our customers to meet the changing legal requirements in regards to environmental protection and  upon commencement of any contract we will liaise with the relevant stakeholders and authorities with a view to putting in place specific procedures for the site.

These procedures, after being authorised by the customer as complying with environmental requirements, would form part of the basic training programs to be implemented to all management and cleaning staff concerned with the site, ongoing monitoring by MASGs manager, staff, employee’s supervisors, and team leaders this would ensure strict adherence to the procedures set down and become a benchmark for continual improvement.