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Innovation & Technology

Web App Incident Reporting

MASG has developed a web application which allows employees to input incident data. The date is then captured on a secure database, which can be filtered by selectable data sets to export into CSV or PDF reports. The information enables effective analysis of data, trend and pattern identification and real time incident information retrieval. The app data can assist clients in making business decisions around rostering, resource allocation and risk mitigation.

 I-Auditor and iPads

This technology enables us to provide unique value adds to our clients including:

Detailed real time reporting direct from the scene including media such as photographs, video and audio which can be immediately emailed to an agreed client escalation group and to the Contract Manager to enable collation of statistics for the monthly report.

Customised workplace audit forms and checklists to capture accurate audit data in the field. The ability to maintain workplace safety and quality control through mobile checklists, conduct audits and send off reports on the spot.

The Uniguard 12 Online System

MASG now utilises this innovative wand technology for patrolling assignments to ensure safety and performance deliverables.

The Uniguard system uses a Touch Loggers or buttons to confirm a checkpoint has been reached. The online capability results in the instant retrieval of information and display of reports. The buttons can be programmed to either push data through on every checkpoint or at time intervals. The system also had an integrated duress alarm and GPS Tracking system built into the wand.

Uniguard 12 Online System facilitates instant verification of patrols for MASG, identification of patrol officers, route confirmation and customisable, real time reporting for our clients.

Patrol Live

Patrol Live an iPhone application designed for use with mobile and regular patrols.  As a web-based application, time is saved by our team capturing all data directly on their iPhone/iPad (MASG supplied). Incident capture and data collection is live. The GPS integration of Patrol Live allows for the live tracking of patrols and automatic locating of incidents.

Patrol Live alleviates the need for guards to return to an office to write an incident report.

All relevant information is captured at the scene over the phone (including photos, videos and voice recording) and entered into a secure web hosted database. This technology enables MASG to provide fully transparent access to clients to ensure they are fully informed of all patrol activities on site.