HILLS Reliance 128

The Hills Reliance 128 security control panel from hills industries represents a new approach to security system design. Drawing on experience from the world market, hills have developed the most flexible, durable, and user-friendly control is ever seen in our industry. Features sophisticated software that allows up to 99 users to interface with 128 zones, 8 areas, and a host of integrated fire, access, verification, and input/output modules, all reported with the contact I.D. formats. The modular design establishes a logical solution for ease of expansion. Up to 32 modules can be added to expand the capabilities of the Hills Reliance.

HILLS Remote Controls

Hills RSI-07 NX Bus Two Way Receiver Kit:


Hills ComNav is a remote access integration module for the Hills Reliance security alarm system. It allows you to easily access your security alarm system via telephone or the internet anywhere in the world. Ever worry that you forgot to turn on your security system. Now with Hills ComNav you can easily phone your security system to check its status and remotely turn it on or off.