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Cleaning services

MA Cleaning was established in 2017 to offer our clientele the choice to enhance security and safety assurance within their environments for their customers and stakeholders.

From the outset, we have always sought to provide a fresh perspective in delivering premium and boutique service synergies and we recognise that cleaning and security, when integrated well, are a risk mitigation multiplier with commercial benefits.

We are committed to providing modern, exceptionally presented and professional services (we see ourselves as an extension of our clients) so we ensure your business brand is not impacted.

Our service offering is all encompassing and can be tailored to deliver end to end solutions for longer term outcomes or single stream services for short term projects and events. We pride our success on our ability to see our clients not as numbers, prospects or jobs, but as people.



We are committed to partnering with our clients to formulate customised cleaning solutions, ensuring the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for staff, clients and visitors. We develop relationships with our clients, collaborating to find solutions to their needs.

Customer satisfaction is the key focus of MASG. Our ‘can do’ attitude together with company integrity exhibits the qualities that our clients seek and appreciate in all aspects of cleaning management. All our actions in organisational development, staff motivation and the implementation of our operational procedures reflect and support this focus.

Our company approach is to establish a culture in which teamwork is encouraged through education, respect for and recognition of team members’ specialised skills and professionalism.

This is enhanced by combining understanding, commitment and ownership of the service we deliver to our clients. Our aim is to provide high standards of service in order for our clients’ assets to function as fit for their purposes, extend the longevity of each asset’s life, provide a safe premise for stakeholders and visitors and support the optimisation of the assets for the use, enjoyment and benefit of all involved.

From the delivery of a single service, such as cleaning, right through to integrated facility services, comprising of one or more services, we are flexible to meet the needs of our customers.

Cleaning Excellence

We can influence our environmental impact through the tools and processes we use delivering our services. Cleaning Excellence is a program developed by MASG to embrace innovation in cleaning technologies, leading to improved efficiencies and sustainability outcomes.

The Cleaning Excellence system ties together three components: calculation of work requirements; efficient tools and methods; and an efficient supply chain to deliver the tools and methods.

Through it we have learned to use less water, reuse equipment and implement tools that improve indoor air quality and benefit the outside environment.

The benefits are:

  • Detergents reduced by up to 75% over 1 year
  • Water consumption and disposal reduced by up to 70% with technologies like the microfibre cleaning system
  • Improved recycling 95% of our chemical packaging is recyclable

We develop cleaning services schedules and rosters that align with your scope of works. The provision of appropriate staff and fit for purpose equipment, comprehensive and ongoing training of staff, adequate supervision and robust auditing regime will ensure that service standards are maintained at a high and consistent level.