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Office Cleaning Melbourne

Prove You Mean Business With A Pristinely Clean Office

If you’re in need of office cleaning in Melbourne then MA Services can provide you with a professional service you can depend on every single time. Fitting in with your business routine and blending in seamlessly when you require an office clean, our experienced cleaning team delivers a discreet and efficient service to keep your Melbourne premises looking its best. Whether you need a daily, weekly, or monthly office cleaning service, we’ll happily fit in with you.

Why use a security company for office cleaning in Melbourne?

Our integrated security/cleaning service enables our clientele to step up security and safety for staff, visitors, and customers within their environment. Knowing their premises are safe, clean and hygienic, allows them to get on with the task of managing their own business.

By getting to know our clients better and building on existing and new relationships, we’re better equipped to deliver solutions tailored to your needs. By viewing ourselves as an extension of our clients and  delivering professional cleaning services which are well-presented and modern, we ensure that your brand is not impacted.

We work in line with health and safety requirements (including fire prevention) providing deep cleaning options or office cleaning Melbourne on an ad-hoc basis. When you choose to partner with MA Services, you can confidently tick more than one box.

Office Cleaning in Melbourne – It’s all About Teamwork

We believe that a team which understands and knows each other’s strengths operates like a well-oiled machine. To achieve this we actively encourage teamwork by educating, recognising, and respecting each team member’s specialised skills and professionalism.

This is enhanced further by combined commitment, understanding, and ownership of the service we’re delivering to our Melbourne clients. The aim at all times is to provide a high standard of service which keeps furniture and fittings fit for purpose and functioning as they should, increases their longevity, provides a clean and safe environment for everyone to enjoy, and presents a good first impression to visitors and customers.

Areas we can handle include:

  • Lobby
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Common Areas
  • Floors
  • Desks
  • Car Park

We can also send in a team of cleaners to clear up after an event.

No matter how complex or simple your office cleaning needs, we have a talented team that can provide a solution that works for you.

Our commitment to quality controls means your business insurance and compliance requirements are never in danger.  Our professional office cleaning Melbourne team has the skills to provide a top quality reliable service, any time, all the time. Let our experienced management team put their expertise to work for you with a tailored solution that suits your needs.

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning industry never stands still and we make sure we move with it by being adaptable, embracing the latest technologies, providing innovative solutions, carrying out best practices, and delivering solutions to office cleaning Melbourne which meet our customers’ individual needs.

We’re constantly exploring ways of lessening the impact on the environment, improving our efficiency, and promoting sustainability. Through this, we’ve managed to drastically cut back on detergents, use less water, and improve recycling.

Our Melbourne office cleaning services and rosters are designed to fit in with your particular line of work. By providing appropriate numbers of staff, the best equipment for the job, comprehensive and on-going training, adequate supervision, and regular auditing, we ensure that service standards are consistently maintained at a high level.