MA Services Group has initiated ‘#Vaxxup so we can do Melbourne Again!’, campaign to support the vaccination drive, so that Melbourne can get back outdoors as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to vaccinate our frontline heroes so we can focus on providing clients optimal services. MASG is very close to achieving this aim. MA Services Group supports that Vaccines not only keep individuals healthy, but they also help keep communities healthy! We want to ensure the wellbeing of our team, their families, and our clients. The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer opportunities for this pandemic to spread.

This is a Community Immunity Drive that aims to increase the percentage of vaccinated individuals, so we can maintain a risk-free community to deliver our services in the best way possible.
We sent out emails to our employees, staff, and clients, spreading awareness and information about vaccinations that covered topics such as

How vaccines are developed

How vaccines work

Vaccine Safety

Side effects of the vaccine

Benefits of vaccine

Types of vaccines available

The success rate of vaccines

Our motive with this campaign is to increase the entries of our employees to spread awareness and increase the vaccination rate. It is the right thing to do to avoid any further lockdowns as we will get a grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. The more people see others getting vaccinated the more likely they will do it for themselves.

By launching this campaign, we are advocating on communicating with the masses, which becomes severely important in such a situation. We see it as our responsibility to educate them rather than appeal to them psychologically. Our target is to reach our security employees to become the shield we can offer to our community for the fight against Covid-19. There was an imperative need to launch a public awareness campaign highlighting the reality of the situation and take all precautionary measures. Hence, MASG decided to come forward and take the responsibility of building a fully vaccinated team of security soldiers. 

Being the leading Security Services, Cleaning, Technology and Integrated Services company not only in Melbourne but Australia wide, its become even more important for us to encourage our community to involve a large population of vaccinated individuals in a broader perspective. We understand it is quite challenging task, which is why MASG chose to intervene and help speed up the process, so we can collectively go back to living a free life again.

We would like to thank our community and all the citizens nationwide to help us make this campaign possible. Let’s all get vaccinated and make our nation Covid-19 free.

#Vaxxup & Stay Safe!