MA Services Group has taken an initiative to show our gratitude and admiration towards the women of our organization. In this interest, we launched an in-house campaign, #MASGThanksHer to celebrate these women.  

On this International Women’s Day, we wanted to appreciate the hard work, reliability, and thank the women for being the backbone of our company. We asked these ladies to write a short note for a women colleague and what they mean to them. We were thrilled by the responses and proud by looking at so many women supporting each other. 

MA Services Group has also released a Women’s Day Special video for this campaign. This interactive Q/A video highlights their strengths, power, and journey. Women have expressed their heart-to-heart opinions, advice, and lessons with sincerity. They discuss topics like leadership, Journey with MA, Pandemic scenarios, how to manage personal- professional relationships and so on, do check it out on our YouTube channel. 

We couldn’t be happier about how this campaign turned out to be.  

Let’s celebrate this International Women’s Day by talking thanking the women for their contribution to leading the charge of building the number 1 Integrated Services Company in Australia.  

Happy Internal Women’s Day 2022!