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What is a Retail Loss Prevention Officer?

In the past, a loss prevention officer might have been perceived by the general public as a ‘security guard’ within a retail centre whose main role was to apprehend shoplifters. Those caught could expect a heavy slap on the wrist in most parts because primarily they were kids stealing sweets and make-up from companies such … Continued

Mobile Patrol Guard -The Benefits

At MA Services we’re committed to keeping your property safe and secure. Many of our customers approach us without any real understanding of their most likely security threats; and without knowing what sort of security service would benefit them most. We totally understand that customers can find it daunting to consider the potential threats which … Continued

Safety in the Workplace – Why Cleaning is so Important

Having a clean workplace isn’t just about a sparkling facade and clean windows. A clean workplace also ensures the health and safety of your employees and visitors while at the same time creating an environment which is pleasant to be in. Records for the period from Jul 2013 to Jun 2014 show that 531,800 people … Continued

6 Key Things to Know When Hiring Event Staff

Organising an event can be stressful enough without having the worry of where to get reliable people to help throughout your function. Event staff are there to make your life easier not to give you sleepless nights! If this is your first event, then we’ve put together a few handy hints and tips to assist … Continued

5 Ways That Private Security Can Protect Your Site

It has to be the dream of all Australian business owners to operate in an environment where they, their staff, and their customers are guaranteed safety. According to research carried out in 2017 by The Guardian, it seems that more and more businesses across the world are hiring private security guards to protect certain people, … Continued

How To Prevent Shoplifting

Did you know that shoplifting accounts for a massive 70% of all retail crime? Quite shocking isn’t it. In fact the cost of shoplifting to the retail sector is in excess of $2 billion a year! So what can you do to prevent this behaviour? Fortunately there are several things that both you and your … Continued

Would My Business Benefit From Manned Security?

Unfortunately in these times of violence and crime, there’s no less risk of your business being a target for theft and damage. The thing is, just how do you protect your staff, business assets, and bottom line? A static security guard acts as a physical deterrent and is on hand to protect your staff, your … Continued