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About Us

At MA Service Group, we ensure every event is both safe and enjoyable. Our nationwide team specializes in custom security solutions, managing everything from initial planning to post-event follow-up. We focus on impeccable safety so you can create memorable experiences with ease. Trust us to elevate your event with our thorough and expert approach.

Our Expertise

Our Event Security and Crowd Management Services

Our Events Security Services are built on the foundations of stringent pre-planning for complex arrangements, staff who possess excellent customer service and communication skills and detailed training and overall security management for each event.
  • Major Event Security
  • Customer Service & Security Officers
  • Safety Officer in a Place of Public Entertainment
  • High-End Electronic Security Screening & Scanning
  • Vehicle & Bag Inspections
  • Age Verification
  • CCTV & Control Operations
  • Barrier Entry Control
  • Pedestrian Traffic Flow
  • Ticket & Turnstile Operators
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Management Officers
  • Traffic Management Officers
  • Crowd Density Management & Mitigating Crowd Crush Scenarios
  • Security Overlays
  • Mosh Pit Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Incident Response & Management.
  • Reporting Risk Issues
  • Safety Officers
  • Fire Wardens
  • Player Escorts/Close Personal Protection
  • Event Management Planning

Expert Risk Assessment

We perform a comprehensive risk assessment to identify security threats and address specific challenges and vulnerabilities of your event.

Customized Solutions

We provide customised security solutions tailored to your event's unique needs, ensuring optimal protection and safety for all attendees.

Local Expertise

Our experienced security personnel in every state ensure personalized service and protection for your events, safeguarding your community.

Advanced Technology Integration

Utilize cutting-edge security technology like surveillance cameras, access controls, drones, and mobile apps to ensure attendee safety.

Post-Event Reporting

Detailed post-event reports and analysis to highlight successes and identify improvement areas, aiding in future event planning.

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Request a free, no obligation phone assessment to discover a security package tailored to your home and family.