MA Services Group’s Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MA Services Group/MASG? 

MA Services Group is an Australian owned security company. We are solely focused on our local and national markets. Our aspiration is not to be global, but globally aware to provide efficient and productive solutions that deliver real benefits. We are everywhere you need us to be, and, in every state, we have a service footprint that can be leveraged and 100% scalable. This is underpinned by robust systems and procedural frameworks with secured long-term business, making us stable and sustainable.  

Who are the National Leaders of MA Services Group? 

Micky Ahuja (Founder and Managing Leader) 
Elisa Paau (Chief Financial Officer)  
Paul Maroun (General Manager – Operations) 
Margie Paolacci (General Manager – Business Development)

Is MASG a Licensed Security Company?

Yes, we are. We are committed to achieving and maintaining Australian and International accreditation throughout our entire organization. Our Quality Management Systems are certified and regularly audited by our appointed external auditor SAI Global- to verify compliance with the standard and to provide guidance on system improvements.  
MA Services Group as also achieved certification in the following areas quality system standards:  
Quality Management System [ISO 9001]  
Environmental Management System [ISO 14001]  
Occupational Health and Safety Management System [ISO 45001]  
MA Services Group has been certified by Cm3 as having demonstrated a Category 2 Assessment in OHS capability with necessary Insurance.

Does MASG take special precautions in the pandemic situation? 

MA Services Group follows standard practices and regulations that are specific to the facility and sector to provide risk-free services. Our professionals use hygienic and effective supplies to put your mind at ease. 

Does MASG’s security officers use uniform? 

Yes, our team are required to maintain their uniform in pristine condition. Our team will add to the professional feel of your business by their smart appearance and high All MASG personnel receive training regarding required presentation standards during the initial induction process and are regularly monitored by Supervisors and Managers to ensure standards are maintained. 

Which cities does MA Services Group cover?

MA Services Group provides services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Which digital application does MA Services use?

MASG utilises Tracktik as our operational & delivery assurance hub. Licensing, qualifications, inductions, compliance checks and personal details are managed through a series of controls and managerial oversight to ensure that only capable, trained, and available resources can be deployed.

Which services does MA Services Group provide?

The services we perform are Cleaning Services, Security Services, Corporate Concierge Services, Soft Services & Customer Services, Retail Security & Loss Prevention, Event Security, Public Safety, Asset Protection, Facilities Services, Loss Prevention, Patrol Services.

Is MA Security an Australian based company?

MA Services Group is a 100% Australian owned company, founded with the vision of providing high performance, customer-centric services in a safe and fair environment. We provide security, cleaning, and customer-focused services through a risk management approach to understand, manage, and deliver outcomes.

Is MA Services a government or a private company?

MA Services Group is a privately owned company.

What are Integrated Facilities Services?

MASG’s integrated facilities services team are here to provide expert advice and guidance related to our cleaning, security, and customer service divisions. By implementing an integrated service model, MASG can not only optimize performance but also eliminate unnecessary overlap created by engaging multiple service providers, resulting in a more cost-effective provision of services.

Does MASG work on a Contractual Basis?

Yes, we do work on a contractual basis. Our commitment towards creating the safest environment possible for our clients has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships.

Is MA Security doing a vaccination campaign?

MA Services Group has initiated ‘#Vaxxup so, we can do Melbourne Again!’, a campaign to support the vaccination drive, so that Melbourne can get back outdoors as quickly as possible.

Is MA Services’ NOC available 24*7?

Our 24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC) responds to and actions reactive work orders and has patrol resources available for urgent responses. MASG provides security services 24 hours a day, 365(6) days a year.

How to work with Ma Services Group?

If you wish to work for MASG, visit our website to look for current opportunities:

Is MA Services a good company to work for?

Yes, MASG is passionate about meeting and exceeding needs, and we take great pride in harnessing a team environment to promote inclusiveness and diversity. Our personnel take ownership of their responsibilities and work together to become a part of a better world.

How Are Your Security Guards Trained?

MA COVID-19 Marshalls undertake a Covid-19 specific training plan. Working through modules to attain competency prior to deployment on sites.

Do you provide your security guards in Melbourne?

Yes, we are everywhere you need us to be. Please call us on 1300 02 04 06 and/ or visit our Contact Page for further queries.

Do MASG’s security guards keep daily reports?

Yes, daily reports are sent to the respective supervisors and then eventually to the client delivery managers, monthly. This is done on a client by client basis keeping their requirements as a priority.

What is the minimum requirement for a job applicant for a Security Guard at MASG?

– Valid Security License & Qualifications
– Valid First Aid
– Rights to work
– Valid Working with Children Check