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Author: MA Security Group

10 Tips To Help You Stay Safe At A Large Event

One of the advantages of living in or near Australia’s sprawling cities is that there’s always something going one. From food festivals to concerts, cities attract large events and with that territory comes large crowds. If you’re heading out to a festival, concert, or game this weekend, then take a while to plan ahead. There … Continued

5 Perks Of A Security Guard For Your Business

Whatever the size of your business the perks of hiring a security guard for your business remains the same. A sense of security Hiring a security guard gives any business owner peace of mind while instilling a sense of security for both employees and customers. If your business is located in an area renown for … Continued

Six Top Tips To Better Secure Your Home

Can you imagine how you would feel to come home and find that your house had been burgled? It must surely feel as if you have been personally violated and is a horrible experience that is likely to stay with with you forever. Home security isn’t just about keeping burglars out; more importantly it’s about … Continued

What Are You Doing To Prevent Construction Site Theft?

How many times have you walked past a construction site and seen building materials and heavy equipment standing there unguarded and in full view of everyone? It’s hardly surprising therefore that construction site theft continues to be a matter of concern for construction companies. What’s more, the problem extends further than the losses incurred from … Continued

Mobile Security Patrol – Is It Right For You?

No matter what size your business, the safety of your employees, your premises, and your equipment is always uppermost in your mind. That said, many small businesses don’t have sufficient money in the bank to invest in the latest security technologies – a fact which can lead to them becoming sitting ducks for all manner … Continued

So How Has Australia All But Ended Gun Violence?

Back in April 1996 a man named Martin Bryant drove to a beauty spot in Port Arthur Tasmania which happened to be brimming with tourists, had lunch and after taking a semi-automatic weapon out of his tennis bag, he opened fire. In the resulting carnage, 35 people were shot dead and 18 were injured. The … Continued

Should You Invest In A Keyholding Service?

If you’ve ever been in the position of acting as a key holder for your business you don’t need us to tell you what a pain the back side it can be. How many times have you just settled down for a night in front of the TV when you receive a call to tell … Continued

5 Top Tips To Stop Cyber Crime in Its Tracks

No matter what size your business, cyber crime has the ability to do it severe harm and even bring it down, which is why it’s so important in this day and age to keep your business data as secure as possible. But how do you go about this, what steps should you be taking? Here … Continued