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Author: MA Services Group

Women in Security – Why We Need Them

According to figures from State Regulators in New South Wales, only 10% of security officers in 2018 were women. While this may have increased, it’s still fair to say that in 2020 the security service is dominated by men and for many people, guarding is viewed as ‘men’s work’. Those who claim that men are … Continued

Concierge Security Service – 9 Reasons Your Business Needs It

It goes without saying that keeping your people, your property, and your customers safe should be the top priority of your business. However, more businesses are looking to concierge security services as a means of not just providing security but also assisting with the back end of running their business and ensuring things are running … Continued

4 Top Tips For Staying Fit on Duty

It stands to reason that physical fitness is an important part of being a security guard. However, guards can sometimes struggle to remain in good shape. While the gym is the obvious place to exercise, it’s not always possible to find the time so thankfully there are other ways guards can maintain overall wellness and … Continued

MASG Making it Safer For Everyone

Every element of our lives has been changed forever by the Covid-19 pandemic. People wish things could return to the way they were before, and most people feel a sense of anxiety about starting to return to the ‘new normal’. Many people are confused as to what needs to happen for a safe return and … Continued

How Important is Event Security?

With the Covid 19 lockdown gradually easing, we’re all looking forward to events starting to take place once again. However, let’s be clear on one thing – event-goers are going to experience a different type of ‘normal’. Event organisers are going to have to demonstrate enhanced security measures to gain the confidence of the public. … Continued

Which Is Best for Me, Static Security or Mobile Patrol?

As a business owner, you need to know that your assets are secure but what’s the best way to do it? With every property needing a unique response and a range of security options to choose from, creating and putting in place a security framework to protect your business can be tricky. Thankfully, the process … Continued