If you’ve ever been in the position of acting as a key holder for your business you don’t need us to tell you what a pain the back side it can be. How many times have you just settled down for a night in front of the TV when you receive a call to tell you that your business alarm has gone off. Not only is it an inconvenience when the alarm is triggered but it’s also a worry as to what you may find when you arrive at your office, warehouse, or store.

Most key holding services are so inexpensive that you’ll probably wonder why you put yourself through years of inconvenience and risk for so many years. A key holding service involves keeping a company’s keys in a secure place and labelling them up with a special code. Often the service can be used for when access is required to the building or site outside office hours, for security reasons.

Peace of mind

At MA Security our staff hold your keys and bring them to your site as and when necessary, preventing the need for your own staff to be on call during anti-sociable hours. The service can be used as part of your existing security system or as a stand alone service. Not only does it ensure your property is kept safe while you’re not there, but it gives you peace of mind, and more importantly a good night’s sleep, so you’re feeling fresh and ready to face the task of running your business the next day. It’s also handy if you happen to lose your other set of keys!

Other alternatives

Okay, so you could enlist a staff member to become a key holder but there are many factors to be taken into consideration:

  • Have they received any formal training in alarm response?
  • Are they able to respond safely?
  • What if they come face to face with an intruder?
  • How quickly can they get from their home to your site?
  • Are they prepared to wait an hour or more for an engineer to arrive?
  • Do you really want them disturbed in the middle of the night?
  • Will they be able to focus 100% on their job after a broken night’s sleep?
  • What if they’re off sick, on holiday, or enjoying a night out with friends?

All of these issues fade into oblivion as we send a security guard to take care of the situation. With several guards to call on, we can usually despatch one to the scene far quicker than it might take a member of your staff to travel across town; which reduces significantly the amount of damage that a legitimate threat to your business could cause. A staff member could be at risk if an intruder is on the premises, and in any event, a company is responsible for all members of their staff. A security guard allows you to relax once you’ve closed up for the day, knowing that no matter what happens, a trained guard will deal with it on your behalf.

As well as providing a key holding service we can advise on, design, and plan, a range of security systems for your business. Why not give MA Security Guards a call on 1300 020 406 to discuss your security needs in more detail.

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