So event season is getting into full swing and what better way to make your event go smoothly than to have your guests wear a custom wristband. Over the past few years, wristbands have become more and more synonymous with events and not without good reason. In fact, here are 6 good reasons why using custom wristbands are a great idea…

Easy way to define guest management

When there are hundreds or even thousands of attendees at an event it can be hard to distinguish who has access to where, who is allowed into backstage areas, who is allowed to consume alcohol, who has weekend passes, and who has day ones. By offering different colour options that are applicable to different factors, it makes it easier for security personnel and event organisers to quickly determine who is allowed to do what and to go where.

Reduced waiting time

While in the past tickets have been the norm they can take time to process. While this is okay when there are a few hundred in attendance, for those events expecting thousands, it’s a whole different ball game. Tickets have to be produced from wallets and the deepest recesses of a handbag or bag and can easily become lost. Having to fumble around to find tickets can quickly cause unnecessary bottlenecks and eventually upset festival-goers. On the contrary, wristbands are attached securely to the body, are quick to produce, and easy to identify.

Durability factor

Paper tickets can easily be rendered useless in inclement weather and trying to process a soggy ticket is neither easy nor fun. On the contrary, modern wristbands are lightweight, weatherproof, and aren’t likely to be unrecognisable in a downpour.

Brand awareness

Such is the impact of security wristbands that any self-respecting festival-goer wouldn’t feel complete without wearing one. In fact, many keep them as mementos of a great weekend to be dusted off and remembered just like an old photo, in years to come. As such they’re the perfect way to promote brand awareness. They can be made in just about any colour under the sun. They can and should contain advertising or wording detailing your event and most importantly, they’re the perfect way to increase your outreach.


One of the biggest issues festival organisers has are gate crashers. When the attendees are given wristbands, it makes it harder for the individual to lose them or hand them over to someone else. This is because the best makes are tear-resistant and can only be removed by cutting them off with scissors.


In the same way that coloured wristbands are used to identify who goes where and when they can also be used to identify those who have certain allergies or medical issues such as peanut allergies or diabetes. This way if they do succumb to their issue or allergy, the medical team will know straight away that have may have an underlying issue. In addition, the wristband can also give an indication of which medical drugs the team can and can’t administer.

So there you have it, 6 cast-iron reasons why your event should incorporate wristbands…

Here at MA Security, as well as supplying security personnel to some of the largest events in the Melbourne areas we also supply some of the very best event wristbands. Contact us on 1300 020 406 to find out more.

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