In Australia alone construction site theft can account for a little under $1 billion dollars in annual losses when you take into account indirect losses and higher insurance premiums. That’s a huge amount especially when you consider that the problem is increasing year upon year.

So why the increase in construction site theft?

Most construction sites are easy targets in that many lack proper security and loss prevention practices. To prove a point a recent study found that:

  • Inadequate lighting

  • A lack of on-site security

  • Multiple pieces of equipment that shared the same keys

  • No product identification systems and…

  • job sites left unsecured during evenings and weekends

were compounding the problem. Thieves know that construction sites offer easy pickings and the sad truth is that they’re probably right. If you don’t want your construction site to become another costly statistic, here are some procedures you might want to start implementing.

1- Maintain good lighting during non-working hours

Criminals like to operate in dark badly lit areas as it makes their job a whole lot easier. They like to get in and out fast without being seen. It’s worth bearing in mind that most construction site thefts are committed by employees who have sufficient access to your site so that they can easily navigate their way around the site in the dark. With this in mind make it difficult for them by fitting good quality spot lighting and pay attention to dark corners.

2- Take ownership and be present

Let your employees know that you’re taking a stance on criminal activity and make sure they know that you’re observing what they do. Make security your number one priority and bring it up in staff meetings. If anyone is even considering stealing from your site, they’ll know that you have your finger on the pulse, making it way more difficult for them to follow their considerations through.

3- Don’t hoard supplies

By hoarding large quantities of supplies, you could almost be inviting criminals to steal from you. Look to operate a ‘just in time‘ system of resupply where you can get just enough materials for the job when you really need them. This way you won’t be storing excess valuable assets such as copper and cabling. While this may take some time to set up, it’s well worth doing.

4 – Maintain good records

Look to tighten up your on-site inventory, so you know at any one time how much stock you have and where. Ensure a well documented paper trail from time of ordering through to delivery and implementation. You might want to make someone personally responsible.

If you need any further advice about how to better secure your construction site, contact MA Security. As well as providing security personnel we also carry out security assessments and can give you help and advice on the best way forward. Contact us today on 1300 020 406 to find out more.

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