It’s thought that in any given year, around 39% of building companies in Australia have suffered some form of construction site theft or vandalism costing somewhere in the region of $2 billion. The main bulk of the theft /vandalism occurs at night and can cause huge delays in projects when equipment has to be replaced or sites have to be cleaned. So no matter how small or big the size of your construction site, security really is essential. That is if you want to keep vandalism and/or theft at bay. With this in mind, here are 5 top tips you really should follow…

Illumination is the key

Intruders love the dark and if you think about it, construction sites provide the perfect environment. They’re often badly lit with lots of areas that provide plenty of cover. A well illuminated job site is not what an intruder wants and as such, they are far less likely to target areas where they can easily be seen, so good lighting is essential.

Don’t leave construction vehicles on display

It’s fair to say that you wouldn’t leave your vehicle parked outside your house with the keys in the ignition. However you’d be surprised to learn how many companies think nothing of leaving large plant vehicles such as diggers or excavators in full view of the passing public. For anyone looking to steal from you, these are valuable and attractive items which are often sold on for big money. One simple way of ensuring that you don’t attract unwanted attention is to park them out of site of the main entrance when the construction site shuts down for the day. Always ensure plant keys are returned and accounted for at the end of the shift and make someone responsible for them.

Keep other valuables under lock and key

Other valuables such as copper piping or slate roofing tiles also fetch a lot of money and are often the first things that thieves target. For this reason it pays to ensure that valuable materials (such as those listed above) remain in a secure area, either kept in a lockable container or secure building. Remember many acts of theft or vandalism are carried out by opportunists, so don’t give them the opportunity.

Remote video monitoring

While 24 hour manned security might be the ideal scenario, costs may dictate otherwise. If this is the case, then you may want to invest in remote video monitoring. This way, your area can be viewed remotely by a team of security personnel who can scan the area frequently during out of hours operations. They’re normally situated close by and can be on the ground in minutes should a situation arise.

Install signage

Even a simple sign can act as a deterrent, so if you do have on-site security surveillance make sure you spread the word. Signs should be placed at prominent position along your construction site perimeter including entry points, gates, and exits.

By combining some or all of these tips, you’ll ensure that any self respecting criminal is likely to think twice before stealing property or vandalising your construction site. If you need more advice however why not contact MA Security.

In addition to supplying physical security for all manner of businesses, we also provide security risk assessments where any weak areas can be highlighted and addressed. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today on 1300 020 406 and take the first steps towards total peace-of-mind for your construction site security.

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