Most people are probably aware of being issued with coloured wristbands when they entered a water park, for example, but is it really essential when attending a large scale function? I mean let’s face it, event security wristbands are not especially stylish, the colours are often quite garish, and… well… they’re a bit childish aren’t they.

The reality is that love ’em or hate ’em, coloured wristbands are one of the most effective methods of crowd control and ID for any event. We’ll explain what we mean:


These cheap rubber event security wristbands are extremely versatile and can be used to identify various groups of people. For example, children on a school outing could wear them so that they are easily distinguishable from other children visiting a museum, making it easier for the teachers to keep track of them. They could also be used to identify people who are under age and not legally able to buy a drink at the event bar (assuming there’s one on site). They’re also the perfect way of keeping track of who has paid at events which are spread out over several days and allow people to leave and re-enter without being challenged. They also come in a wide range of fluorescent colours, which can be seen in dimly lit night clubs, as well as a rainbow of vibrant shades.

Easy to fit

If you’re dealing with thousands of people then you need something that can be fitted quickly so that the queue doesn’t get held up. Wrist bands are lightweight and easily fitted in seconds. Simple to adjust and fitting most wrists, they’re also comfortable and most people don’t even notice that they’re wearing them.


Made from vinyl, wristbands are durable and completely waterproof which is handy if the heavens decide to open. They won’t tear or rip and are pretty much indestructible, which when there’s a large crowd of people jostling against one another is essential.


Because wristbands can be manufactured very cheaply they also don’t cost a lot of money which, if you’re needing to buy in bulk, is a real bonus. Another great thing about wristbands is that companies can use them for advertising purposes by having the wristbands printed with their company details, logo, and contact details. It’s a really cheap and effective way of spreading the word.

If you’re thinking of booking MA Services to handle your event security, then we can supply free event security wristbands which are printed with our company name and logo. We really do believe that they are one of the best ways of controlling crowds. We’ve supplied crowd control and event security to some of the largest music, sorting and business events in Melbourne and further afield. So if you need a hand why not give us a call on 03 9994 4107 and let us show you what we can do.

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