Security guards work in
many different places from schools and colleges to retail, banks, and
even private homes. Since security often involves working around the
clock, there may be some flexibility which allows you to choose from
a variety of work shifts. 

Once you’re fully
trained as a security guard you should be able to find many
interesting and lucrative work opportunities with security roles
becoming ever more plentiful within the current day climate. 

Many people consider
working in security because it offers steady and flexible work but
before you enrol for training and dive into the security profession,
there are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

5 Questions to consider
before commencing security guard training

  1. Are you able to
    follow directions?

    One of the most
    important aspects of becoming a security guard is the ability to
    follow company policies and protocol to the letter to keep property
    and people safe.

  1. Are you a good

    A good security guard
    needs to be able to communicate well as he could find himself having
    to give instructions to a large crowd when faced with an emergency
    such as a bomb hoax or he may be needed to diffuse a tense situation
    in a high risk operation, with efficient communication.

  1. Do you stay calm
    in a crisis?

    Security guards need
    to be able to think on their feet and react quickly in cases of a
    natural disaster, crime, health emergency, or other high risk
    situation. He needs to remain calm so he can reassure worried
    parents, or sooth a distressed or lost child. He can’t afford to
    lose his temper or react with violence when faced with disruptive
    behaviour. He must stay calm in order to bring the situation safely
    under control.

  1. Are you physically

    An employer looking
    for a security guard needs someone who is physically fit, since if
    there is a threat to a person under the guard’s control he needs to
    be able to handle the situation. In case of crime, he may also need
    to chase a suspect, in which event he needs to be strong enough to
    secure and detain them until the police arrive.

  1. Do you have common

    Common sense is
    another important quality that a security guard needs to possess. He
    needs good reasoning and logic in order to make smart decisions on
    the go. There’s no place for rash or hasty decisions. Instead, he
    needs to draw upon common senses when dealing with any potential
    threats, altercations, or emergencies which arise.

If you can answer yes
to all of these questions and you’re interested in becoming a
security guard then why not explore your options today. We’re often
hiring security guards at MA Security Services, so why not come and
have a chat with us, once you’ve finished your training. Call us on
1300 020 406 to find out more.  

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