Security remains a constant issue for Australian businesses who have to deal with everything from cyber theft, armed robberies, and drunken brawls. A security guard is at the forefront of businesses ensuring that problems like these can be handled efficiently and effectively to keep businesses safe and secure.

Because there’s a constant possibility of threat, it’s vital that a security guard is on the ball, and to play their role effectively they need a certain skill set. Let’s take a look at the qualities they should possess.

Readiness – This means being ready to handle any situation that arises by wearing appropriate clothing and shoes for comfortable surveillance; and by having the necessary security equipment in order to physically handle and communicate with possible offenders

Quick reflexes – It’s vital for a security guard to be alert and aware of what is going on around him at all times. Often snap decisions will have to be made so it’s important to have quick reflexes and be able to think on your feet.

Honesty – A job like this means working closely with your employer and gaining their trust. They need to know that they can rely on you to make the right decisions to protect their business and the general public.

Good communication skills – When handling any situation it’s important that you’re able to report what you’re doing quickly and efficiently to your employer, team mates, and general public. This means explaining clearly your current status and/or the type of threat that you’re facing. With everyone aware, it means that you can choose the safest way to direct the situation.

Rationality – As well as being able to react quickly a security guard needs to be able to judge whether or not something poses a legitimate threat, and if so, how big that threat is. He needs to be able to judge every aspect of the threat and have a good idea of how it will pan out.

Strength and fitness – Whether you’re chasing a thief or breaking up a fight, you’ll need to be extremely fit and strong to keep up with offenders.

Leader and team player – Although security guards aren’t usually seen in groups, they’re often working in teams to ensure that the entire perimeter of a business is secure. This means knowing when to take control and when to take orders from others so that the team works efficiently as a whole.

Respect for life – A security guard’s job involves regular physical confrontation and it’s important to understand just how much strength to exert especially when breaking up a fight or coming under attack. It’s paramount at all times to try to subdue offenders and avoid injury to both offenders and onlookers.

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