Concierge personnel and
security guards have long been an integral part of residential and
office buildings for some time. Some complexes had the funds to be
able to employ both, while many others had to choose between one or
the other. Unfortunately for those that could only afford to employ
either one or the other, it meant that residents or employees lacked
either the service or protection that other residents had. For this
reason the logical next step was to merge the two roles into one –
and so the concierge security guard was born.

This in effect is a
specialist role that is outside of the normal remits of security
guarding duties.
The intricate levels of
training, difficult levels of accountability, and the wage structure
is why there are only a handful of security firms presently offering
this service. That said, concierge security guards are very much in
demand, particularly with property management firms and business
owners. In particular those who are looking to get the best service
for employees or residents but also wanting a cost-effective
solution. For this reason other security companies yet to delve into
this area of security are likely to before long.

So what skills
should a concierge/security guard possess?

In reality they need to
have the requisite knowledge and skills of both professions and also
be able to quickly adapt to complex incidents and/or situations.
Hence the considerable amount of training needed. Obviously excellent
customer service skills are key so that they can deal professionally
with queries or complaints. In addition they need to have a confident
and calm telephone manner. At the same time they need to be able to
respond to emergencies and make sure that residents/employees, and
indeed the premises within their care, are both safe and secure.

What are the
dangers of this job role?

As it’s a relatively
new role for the security industry, there is some concern that more
emphasis is being placed on the security aspect and lesser emphasis
on the concierge role. The responsibility therefore lies in the
trainers being able to integrate both sides of the training program
to best effect, without losing any of the quality. As the demand
grows the security industry is evolving to develop better candidates
which will fill these demanding roles.

If you’re interested in
hiring a concierge security guard then come and talk to MA Security.
All our staff have been through rigorous training programs to be able
to carry out the job role to great effect. Give us a call on 1300
020 406
to discuss your needs and requirements further.

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