Let’s face it, no
business can thrive without a safe and secure environment. For this
reason many companies choose to secure their assets and protect their
personnel by employing static guards. The reality is however that the
term ‘static guard’ doesn’t really befit the nature of the job
because a 21st century security guard is far from static.

Roles and

No longer are guards
employed to simply sit in a hut controlling entry and exit points.
Instead they often have a multitude of roles and responsibilities. For instance, a highly
skilled security guard may be employed not only to control the flow
of personnel coming in and out of the building, but also they can be
involved in carrying out regular roving patrols, by making sure that
premised are secure, doors and windows are locked, and all is as it
should be during out of hours time. They may also be responsible for
patrolling perimeters and car park areas, monitoring CCTV, and even
key holding responsibilities. Even during normal working hours,
specially trained security guards might find themselves conducting
meet and greet concierge duties for larger companies by answering
telephone calls, taking in parcels and packages, and making sure
visitors are escorted to the right areas. This is a far cry from the
static guarding of old.

Other duties

As businesses take
security very seriously they may also be asked to carry out regular
security audits on behalf of the company, by identifying key areas
where security can be a problem. This could be anything from making
checklists of potential areas where security could be a problem,
through to full blown security inspections and report analysis.
In addition for the
safety of the workforce, a static security guard may also be
responsible for coordinating and carrying out regular fire alarm
tests and drills. They may also be responsible for ensuring response
times are met.
The bottom line is that
a ‘static’ security guard can be an essential and valuable part of
any business offering a high degree of protection to both assets,
location, and the personnel within.

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