Going back a few years and many static security guards were employed by large companies to sit or stand in a small box-like hut controlling entry and exit into buildings. Their tasks would often include booking people in and out, checking identification, and keeping a general look out for anything remotely suspicious.

Of course as times have changed the security industry has had to change with it. Nowadays, many companies who hire static security guards expect them to do a lot more than simply standing still. As such the term ‘static’ is taken with a huge pinch of salt. With this in mind, what exactly is expected of a 21st century static security guard?

Carry out security patrols

Funnily enough roving patrols are a vital part of any static security guard’s remit. This isn’t necessarily to catch intruders as most large establishments have other security measures in place which deter most opportunist thieves. Instead the real reasons for maintaining security patrols are

  • To prevent property or stock damage through fire and flood

  • To look out for any potential hazards or dangers that might otherwise interrupt a safe working environment.

  • To act as a deterrent against any internal offences.

Most security companies will instruct their guards to vary the route and timings to ensure the element of surprise. Should an incident occur then they’re at the right place at the right time to take the appropriate action.

Being environmentally aware

One of the largest costs to industries these days isn’t theft but environmental issues. Static security guards may also be asked to patrol offices and other areas to turn off lighting and heating/cooling systems when they’re not needed. The simple task of switching off unnecessary lighting can save some larger companies thousands of dollars on their bottom line as well as reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Concierge services

Similarly to a hotel many companies employ a dedicated person who’s highly skilled in customer service. Nowadays companies have gone one step further and amalgamated this into the role of a static security guard. More often than not these people have had both security training and specialist customer service training too. The result is that they can take on a dual role, thereby saving the company money.

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