For years now event
organisers have been getting people to wear silicone wristbands as a
form of identification.

After all, they’re bright and therefore
easily distinguishable and they’re a step up from having to carry
around a ticket or having your hand stamped every time you enter or
exit the venue. In fact many festival goers continue to wear them
long after the event has finished as a badge of honour. However with
the onset of the digital age a new type of wristband known as RFID
(Radio Frequency Identification) is now more commonly used. So what
exactly is it and how does it help with the whole event experience?
Let’s take a closer look.

In essence an RFID
wristband is like an ordinary wristband except that it contains a
micro chip. This can then be used for a variety of purposes
throughout the event. Event goers can also choose to link emails,
social media profiles, and even their bank accounts to their
wristbands and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for
both event organisers and event goers. Here are some of the

Queues move quicker

Nobody wants to queue
up for hours waiting to get into an event. Thankfully with an RFID
wristband fans shouldn’t have to. Security staff are able to scan
people a whole lot quicker when they’re wearing a RFID wristband.
Event goers simply have to swipe their wrist across a scanner and
it’s said that the technology can scan up to 120 people per minute.

No need for cash

I’ve already mentioned
that bank accounts can be linked into the wristband and just as
contactless payment is becoming more and more popular, it means that
those who wear RFID wristbands no longer have to carry around cash or
credit cards. Clearly from a security standpoint it prevents the risk
of theft. Instead if an attendee wants to buy something to eat or
drink, or maybe a memento of the occasion, they would simply swipe
their wrist band in exchange for money being debited directly from
their account. It also eradicates those lengthy queues at ATM’s
charging exorbitant fees, making the whole experience far more
pleasant for everyone concerned.

counterfeit tickets

Even standard
wristbands can be relatively easy to reproduce as can conventional

however a RFID
wristband is unique with remotely controlled access levels. This
means that they’re pretty much impossible to duplicate. As a result
fake tickets can become a thing of the past. If it does become lost
or stolen then it can quickly become deactivated, rendering it
useless to anyone who just happens to have it in their possession.

Understanding their
customer base

Because individual
RFID’s can be linked directly into social media, event organisers can
get a great insight into what their customers like, what they’re
engaging about, and what they really love. Using this data, events
can then be tailored to give an even greater festival experience.

As you can see RFID’s
not only enhance the experience of the paying customer, they can also
help event organisers and security alike. The technology is extremely
advanced and as a result it’s also cost effective. So if you’re an
event organiser and are looking to minimise security while giving
your customers the best possible festival experience, then you might
want to ramp up the technology.

That said, event
security should never be taken lightly no matter how advanced the
technology and for this reason you might want to speak to the
experienced team at MA Services Group. We’ve been involved in event
security for many years and have covered many of the largest events
around Melbourne including the Moomba festival, Melbourne Music Week,
and Stereosonic. No event is to big or too small so why not contact
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