So you’ve got a large event or festival coming up that needs event security. This being the case, have you ever wondered just how a professional security company plans and executes such an event? Let’s take a closer look.

Researching the venue

In an ideal world event organisers would liaise with a security company to discuss the best place to hold their event, taking into consideration both the risk and cost implications associated with each one. However under normal circumstances this doesn’t happen. Instead security companies often get involved later on down the line when a venue has been chosen. That said, much of the security work can be implemented in advance and research can be carried out on specifics such as the size of the venue and surrounding infrastructure (roads coming in and out of the venue etc), the amount of exit and entry points, how many people the venue holds, parking facilities, lighting….and the list goes on.

Document key security information

Each venue will be different and therefore a security team who know what they’re doing should put together a plan detailing key security information. This is normally in bullet point form so that it can easily be referred to. It can also be handed out to the security guards who will be present at the event so that they know exactly what to expect.

Consider event agenda

Will the event be one that gives attendees access to sensitive information? If so there’s also a chance that competitors could be motivated to try and glean that information. Therefore it could also effect which security guards are chosen. An experienced security guard for example is more likely to know just what to look for. People who appear way too curious, ask too many questions or who simply try to cosy up to any attendee they can latch on to, are examples of behaviours that will raise red flags for an experienced security guard. In addition, does the event entail high value products and services. If so this is going to have an effect on the numbers of guards needed and whether or not other equipment such as CCTV is required..

Determining numbers

Finally all of the above will determine the numbers of guards needed to make sure that festival goers, event attendees or conference members will enjoy their day without being compromised.

It’s true that the most organised events from a security aspect are the ones where the revellers or attendees barely notice any form of security. This proves that the event security is well planned and well run.

If you’ve got an upcoming event then come and speak to MA Services Group about your security needs. We’ve been successfully providing event security for many years and have dealt with some of the largest festivals in the Melbourne area. Therefore we like to think that we know what we’re doing. Why not contact us today on 03 9994 4107 and put us to the test.

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