If you’re looking to
host an event, no matter how large or small, you’ll need a way of
making sure that only those people who have paid for the event
attend. Enter the wristband. Aside from a kind of collectible ‘badge
of honour’ proving that you really were there on a specific day when
the world came together, the wristband has a number of advantages,
let’s take a look.

They’re cool,
trendy, and smart

Nowadays wristbands
come in a whole host of materials, designs, and eye catching colours.
This makes them cool. They’re a million miles away from the messy ink
stamped hand that was once the only way of determining whether a
person had generally paid to come to the event, and what’s more
they’re comfortable to wear.

Colour co-ordinated
for safety

Wristbands can also be
colour co-ordinated to assist with safety. Any one of us would
undoubtedly panic if our child wandered off or got lost at the water
park, camp site, or festival, as kids can easily be distracted when
faced with a fun environment. Zonal wristbands that are colour
co-ordinated can tell security organisers what part of the event that
child originated from and therefore, re-unite them with their worried
parents quickly and efficiently.

Ideal for

Any company or charity
looking to spread the word to the masses has the perfect advertising
opportunity by having their distinct message printed onto event
wristbands. When you think about it, it’s a great advertising space
that companies will pay handsomely for so wristbands are also a great
money-making scheme too.

They’re the perfect
vehicle for present and future technology

Many wristbands now
come with the technology to have a chip set in them which can be
linked in a scanner. Security guards can then scan your coming and
going. Wristbands can even serve as an electronic wallet for use at
detailed payment points. This means that customers don’t have to
carry around a load of cash or credit cards which can easily get lost
or stolen.

At MA Security, as well
as supplying event security personnel for some of the largest
concerts and festivals in and around Melbourne, we also supply our
very own wristbands. They are manufactured from the highest grade
vinyl and are very comfortable to wear. To find out more about
security for your upcoming event or about our wristbands contact us
on 1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly but
highly-experienced team.

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