Here at MA Services
Group we specialise in providing (among others) corporate security.
But what exactly is it and more importantly, what does it entail? 

In essence corporate
security is a term that’s used to refer to the practice of providing
all round security for businesses. This includes protecting assets,
property, information systems and the personnel (employees) within.
Corporate security personnel can be a position created by the company
where a security guard is permanently employed by that company, and
this is often the case in large corporations and multi-national
companies. However in smaller or medium sized businesses this role is
generally outsourced to a specialist third party who control all
aspects of that company’s security for them.

So now you know what
corporate security is, what exactly does it entail? Let’s take a
closer look.
There are a number of
roles that a security guard carries out within the corporate sector
and these include the following.

Static security

This usually involves
guarding a business premises, whether it’s a construction site, a
factory, a retail outlet, or an office building. This can involve the
close monitoring of all personnel, employees, and visitors who enter
and exit the property, as well as keeping a close eye on security
cameras monitoring entrances exits and car parks.

Also contained within
this remit are concierge services where the security guard also takes
on the role of the front desk receptionist by booking people in,
taking in parcels and packages, answering calls and making sure that
any visitors get to where they need to go. These types of roles are
more specialised and require extra training.

Mobile security

In addition or solely,
a security team may also adopt a mobile role. In these cases patrols
might be detailed to monitor perimeter fences, check that doors are
locked, windows are shut, and lights turned off during non-working
hours. They may also be responsible for CCTV monitoring, so that they
can quickly respond should anything arise.

Key holding

Another part of
corporate security is key holding. The idea is that by being
entrusted with a set of the company’s keys during non-working hours
they act as first point of contact when a premises alarm is
activated. The reason for this is that the right, correctly trained
people are on hand quickly should they be needed. This prevents
placing untrained personnel in any danger should they have to attend
an alarm call-out at their place of work, and is something that more
and more companies are doing.


If you’re thinking
about needing full or part time security but don’t have the need or
the financials to create a specialised job role within your company,
then you might want to think about outsourcing your corporate
security to companies like us. If you’d like to find out more
information about how it works or indeed, about how an experienced
team like us can help you, then contact MA Services Group on 1300
020 406
to arrange a meeting. We very much look forward to
helping you have total peace of mi

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