Because most
construction sites don’t have the natural security of enclosed walls
and doors they can easily become targets for vandals and thieves. For
construction site owners this makes it all the more important to
practice good security. For this reason, here are 7 top tips on how
you can protect your assets and save yourself thousands of dollars in
the process.

Maintain a barrier

Utilising a sturdy
barrier or fence serves two purposes. Firstly it acts as a deterrent
for any opportunist thief looking to turn a quick buck; and secondly
– it prevents the public from entering what is conceivably a
hazardous or dangerous area.

Who goes there?

Because of the above
factors it’s well worth having specific controlled entry and exit
points. This is true particularly if it’s a larger construction site
where you have dozens of contractors coming and going. Only give the
site keys to the necessary personnel and limit vehicle access by
having a designated parking area outside the site itself

Out of sight, out of

Because a construction
site is an open space many valuable and attractive tools and
materials are often on display. When not in use be sure to keep them
under lock and key, or in the case of large plant equipment, move
them out of sight at the end of the day.

Install CCTV

While security cameras
won’t stop the most determined of thieves, it might make an
opportunist think twice before attempting to break in. In addition
aside from monitoring criminal activity, CCTV cameras can also be
used to monitor unsafe working practices, thus promoting a safer
working environment.

Be loud about your

Don’t just put up CCTV
cameras, instead you also want to tell people that you have security
systems in place. For this reason you’ll need signage. Place it where
it can be seen around the premises, particularly on or near
entrances. You should however keep your signage generic and not
mention that you use a particular security system. Experienced
thieves can use this information to their advantage. Instead signage
such as ‘trespassers will be prosecuted’ or a sign saying ‘security
cameras are on the premises’ is going to be more effective.

Light it up

Thieves like to operate
in the dark where they can’t be seen. In order to make sure that this
doesn’t happen install good security lighting. If you’re on a tight
budget, then make sure vulnerable areas like storage areas and access
points are well lit. For additional lighting look to install motion
sensor perimeter lighting on remote areas.

Get yourself an

When there are lots of
comings and goings, it can be hard to keep track of the equipment you
have and it’s whereabouts at any one time. By keeping an inventory of
the said equipment it’s not only easier to keep track of it, but it’s
also easier for insurance purposes should it be stolen. Why not
assign equipment responsibility to various team members? Or
alternatively have a tagging system in place which books equipment in
and out, so at one quick glance you know where your equipment is.

Practice good key

Despite the fact that
plant equipment theft is on the rise in Australia, one of the most
common ways that it is stolen is because keys are left in the
ignition at the end of the working day. Clearly this is easily
preventable. Make sure that all vehicle and equipment keys are handed
in and accounted for at the end of the working day.

If you need further
security advice for your construction site or would like to talk
about maintaining a physical security presence, then contact MA
Security on 1300 020 406 and talk to the experts. We’ve
been in the security industry for many years and have dealt with many
aspects of security including construction sites. Give us a call
today for a free no obligation quote and take the necessary steps to
protect your assets and your business.

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