Although there being
many security options that businesses can explore, key-holding
remains one of the most attractive. Despite this, there are people in
the business world who aren’t familiar with this form of security and
what it has to offer. With this in mind, we feel that it’s worth
taking a closer look.

Firstly what does
key-holding mean?

When companies employ a
full time security guard/s it can be expensive. While this is
arguably affordable for larger companies, for small-medium sized
enterprises (SME’s) it’s probably an expense that they mightn’t be
able to stretch to. A compromise therefore is to hand a set of keys
over to an experienced security company. This way company owners can
be assured that their business premises is being checked on a regular
basis during non-working twilight hours; but also – should a
security or intruder alarm go off at the premises, a qualified
professional is on hand to deal with it.

Typically keys are
stored in a secure premises or a mobile unit and for security
purposes aren’t usually marked up with any company names. Instead
security companies will use a code, colour, or marking to identify

Now we’ve identified
what key-holding is, let’s take a closer look at how it can help you.

24/7 cover

Perhaps the main draw
for businesses to key-holding services is that they supply peace of
mind by operating 24/7 cover. How many times as a business owner have
you laid awake at night thinking about the security of your business
premises? Security key-holding services take away that worry.

Speedy response

When a security alarm
goes off during non-working hours, the security company then have to
ring a number and hope that the duty responder answers the phone. If
it’s the middle of the night (which it invariably is) the person in
question will have to get dressed and depending on where they live,
drive some distance to get there. Inevitably this is going to take
time. On the contrary a key-holding company are trained to respond
fast and can be at the premises within a few minutes, thus standing a
greater chance of catching any wrongdoers in the act.

Lowers risk

Of course, having
trained security guards keep a watch over your premises means that
should an alarm go off, you or your employees aren’t put at risk.
While it’s fair to say that probably neither of you are trained to
deal with burglars or criminals, security personnel definitely are.
Ultimately this limits the risk of things going wrong. Moreover, from
a burglar’s perspective they’re less likely to choose a premises
that’s watched over and will usually go for the softer target. So in
theory at least, a key-holder not only provides better protection,
but will keep most opportunist burglars at bay.

For all these reasons
above if you’re a small business and are concerned about your
business security then talk to us about key-holding. With years of
experience within the security industry we take the worry and the
risk out of protecting your business with flexible and affordable
options. For further information talk to our friendly team today on
1300 020 406

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