Wristbands are quickly
being adopted by a wide variety of festivals across the world and not
without good reason. Aside from the fact that a printed ticket for a
multi-day event is a real pain to keep hold of there are many other
benefits too. Lets take a closer look at some of them.

Enhancing the whole
fan experience

Without doubt festivals
are highly aesthetic experiences. In addition to heating lots of
music the event itself can also be quite a spectacle. Art
installations, tents, food trucks, and some first class people
watching all come together to make up the whole package. The
wristband enhances this. For die hard festival fans, wristbands are
way more than just a ticket – They’re a badge of honour, a
collectable memento, or a remembrance of an occasion that will stay
with them long after the music stops.

Gives fans a
physical and emotional connection to your event

Festivals for fans are
are a bit like Christmas. In the same way that people look forward to
Christmas – in particular the build up to it – festivals can tease
fans with pre festival contents, promotional events, and giveaways,
to create a real buzz before the event. Sending wristbands in advance
enables fans to develop a physical and emotional connection with your
event that also signals the beginning of a great time to come.

Creates great

Some festivals send out
wristbands in special presentation boxes which fans can then blast
out on social media when they’ve received them. For many fans it
becomes their badge of honour and it’s a great way to spread your
festival details far and wide.

Creates memorabilia

How many people do you
know make collages out of their festival tickets and mount them on
the wall in a festival homage? I would guess probably none.
Conversely what you do see is people doing some very interesting
things with their collections of wristbands. Everything from sewing
them on clothes to key chains through to wearing them like
dreadlocks, with wristbands, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the
festival ends.

Builds loyalty with
peace of mind

Paper tickets printed
at home have a nasty habit of going missing. Is it in the car? Is it
in the tent? What if it starts tipping it down with rain? A printed
ticket has a nasty habit of disintegrating right before your eyes if
it’s been in a pocket of a pair of jeans that have themselves been in
a muddy field for 3 days. Alternatively with wristbands you put them
on and that’s it. You don’t have to worry. This might seem a small
thing but not having to worry about lost or stolen tickets means that
fans are freer to enjoy the festival and let’s face it nobody returns
to a festival that they don’t really enjoy.

Wristbands mean
shorter queues

The one part of
festivals that no one likes is the queueing. However it’s a necessary
part of festival life. Wristbands can help to make those queues
shorter as they’re quicker to check than a paper ticket. Less waiting
time equals more fun time for your guests and ultimately, that’s what
it’s all about.

At MA Security, when
you hire us for your security we also supply ‘free’ high quality
wristbands to ensure that only authorised personnel gain entry to
your event. To find out more about how we an help contact us on 1300
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