Construction site theft
is big business. What’s more it’s on the rise. Did you know for
example that according to the Australian Institute of Criminology,
39% of all construction sites experienced some type of theft or
vandalism in 2014/15, costing companies a staggering $500 million. It
isn’t solely vehicles and equipment that criminals have their eyes on
either. In addition, materials theft has also risen sharply and the
removal of copper components found in wiring has cost businesses
around $90 million collectively.

The problem is that the
majority of construction sites are located in open or remote areas
far from regular police patrol circuits. For these reasons criminals
see sites as easy targets. This coupled with the fact that they
contain very valuable assets and supplies, makes the need for
security even more important. With this in mind, here are 5
construction site security measures you really need to consider.

Fences and gates

Although it might seem
obvious to put up fencing and gated control of entry, you’d be
surprised at the number of construction sites that don’t even carry
out this most basic of security measures. Aside from acting as a
deterrent for criminals, construction site fencing also protects the
general public who could stray onto the site and have an accident.

Posted Notices

As well as fencing and
gates, posted notices warning people that they might be trespassing
could be sufficient enough of a deterrent to make criminals think
twice about stealing from you. While it mightn’t halt the determined
career criminal, clear signage stating that ‘The area is
restricted and that entry is accessible to authorised personnel only

might make the opportunist think twice before entering.

Sufficient lighting

Let’s face it criminals
prefer not to be seen when conducting any form of criminal activity.
The problems are that most construction sites usually contain a
multitude of dark unlit areas and recesses where thieves and vandals
can carry out their work. Why? Because most fail to invest in even
the most basic of security lighting. It doesn’t necessarily have to
be floodlit like a stadium 24/7, but even basic motion sensor
lighting similar to the type you have in your yard can create a
dramatic impact.

Security guards

Nowadays many
businesses and companies outsource their security needs, and
construction companies are no exception. Experienced security guards
offer that added layer of protection that other security measures
can’t. They can be on hand to watch over the site and can also run
regular site patrols, if necessary, to give that feeling of


For continuous eyes on
your property nothing beats CCTV. Although again it mightn’t deter
the most insistent of criminals who are looking to steal from you or
cause you damage, many may feel it’s too much of a risk. What’s more
if someone does break in to your construction site and you have it
caught on film, it’s makes the job slightly easier for the police
because they’ve hopefully got something to go on.

So there you have it 5
basic measures every construction site should be following. Here at
MA Services Group we supply highly-experienced security guards for
all manner of businesses including the construction industry. If
you’d like to ramp up your security and would like us to help then
contact us on 1300 020 406 today.

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