Whether a security
guard works in the retail sector, the corporate sector, or the
private sector the nuances of their job may vary. However the
attributes needed to be a good security guard remain the same. As you
would expect security companies need to exercise caution when hiring
someone new and these 5 attributes might decide whether that
particular person has what it takes.


The one thing all
security guards need to be is honest. Often they’re tasked with a lot
of responsibility. They’ll have the keys to businesses or be
responsible for guarding valuable and attractive items. Clearly the
last thing you want as a company is to take on a security guard who
might be looking to steal from you. For this reason thorough
background checks are an absolute must.


A good security guard
is always aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. Let’s face
it, in most cases the surroundings in which they work can be
relatively mundane, especially if they work in the corporate sector.
Therefore it would be easy for anyone to become blasé about their
environment and simply switch off. Instead an alert security guard
always stays focused and is attuned to anything that might appear
unnatural or different.

Physical fitness

Fitness is an attribute
that every security guard needs to have. That’s not to say that they
need to be running marathons, unless of course, that’s their thing.
However ideally they need to maintain a good level of fitness for
their age. In addition a security guard who isn’t carrying a large
amount of excess weight and looks as if they could respond to any
given emergency quickly and efficiently is likely to instil a greater
level of confidence in the people they are protecting.


One of the core
attributes of any security guard is the ability to communicate well.
Clear and concise communication could well be the deciding factor
when faced with a tricky situation. Likewise being able to concisely
document information when reporting any activity is also key, as is
passing on any relevant information to an oncoming shift.

Follow instructions

The ability to follow
orders or detailed instructions without question can also play a key
part in the attributes that makes up a good security guard. Although
every security guard should have the ability to form their own
opinions about situations, ultimately they also need to follow orders
and serve the client’s needs.

As you can see, these are arguably 5 of the most important attributes every security guard needs. While it’s true that they also need other qualities, without these main attributes then a security guard possibly isn’t the job for them.


At MA Services Group we
pride ourselves on the quality of security guards that we hire. If
you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business, or
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