More often than not
businesses who choose to ramp up their security do so after
a particular security threat or breach. Instead by introducing
workable security measures that you can implement now it avoids the
closing of the stable door after the horse has bolted
scenario. With this in mind, here are 10 simple practices that
business owners can put into place right now to protect both assets,
property, and their employees.

1- Install security

The number one thing
that you can do to warn potential criminals that big brother is
watching is to install security signage. By placing them at prominent
points around your workplace, simple security signage is a cost
effective and proven deterrent.

2- Personal safety
for lone security workers

Did you know that as
many as 3 in every 5 employees who work alone fear being targeted?
For this reason you might want to consider investing in one worker
security devices. From simple panic alarms to intrinsically safe
mobile devices they serve to help keep vulnerable workers protected
and gives them peace of mind too.

3 – Place company
vehicles out of sight

Criminals don’t need
much of a reason to target a property so why give them one? Instead
keep all company vehicles out of sight during non-working hours and
ultimately make sure all vehicles are fitted with simple security

4 – Spread the
word about security awareness

Train all staff in all
aspects of security, particularly when it comes to procedures and
policies. This way they know what to do in the event of a security
breach or problem.

5- Get a thorough
risk assessment

Hire an experienced
security company to carry out a thorough security risk assessment.
The chances are that they’ll spot something you hadn’t even thought
of. Not only this, you’ll also have a recognisable security goal that
you can work towards as you systematically start taking action on the
points raised.

6 – Secure any
vacant business premises

Empty commercial
property is often a massive temptation for criminals and thieves such
as those intent on burglary or mindless property damage. So make sure
it’s locked and secured when not in use.

7- Don’t forget
outbuildings and storage areas

Outbuildings and
storage areas are often located far from prying eyes usually on the
perimeter of a business premises. Being located where they are
usually means that the area isn’t particularly well lit. Thieves are
often attracted to what they might be able to find there, including
materials and plant hire, which are both notoriously hard to recover.
Make sure that any outbuildings are well secured and well lit.

8 – Lock away your

Scrap counts for around
1 in 5 of all commercial thefts costing an estimated $1 billion to
company owners so make sure your valuable scrap is under lock and key
and exercise tight controls of entry.

9 – Ensure all key
holders understand their responsibilities

key holders should be
aware of clear desk policies by making sure that anything valuable,
attractive, or restricted is cleared away and safe before they lock
up for the evening.

10 – Don’t forget
to set your intruder alarm

Simple things like
setting your intruder alarm when the last person leaves the premises
can make a huge difference to business security. Share the code with
only those who need to know and look to change it regularly.

If you’d like guidance
and assistance on how to tighten up your business security then
contact MA Security on 1300 020 406. We’ve been in the
industry for many years and are one of Melbourne’s most experienced
security companies. Give us a call and speak to our friendly and
knowledgeable team today.

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