MA Security one of our many job rob roles is Covert/Over Loss
Prevention Specialists. Many of our team come from ex loss prevention
roles and as a result are highly experienced. With this in mind, what
exactly is a loss prevention officer and what exactly do they do?
Let’s take a look…

Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) is part of a security team working
usually at an in store retailers. If it’s a large retail chain such
as Woolworth or Big W then they normally hire and train their own
LPO’s. Conversely smaller retailers or shopping centres might
contract this role out to experienced security companies like ours.

other in-store security guards they aren’t normally in uniform and
don’t patrol the shop floor. Instead LPO’s work from a back office or
monitoring station where they carry out surveillance work. The idea
is that in addition to keeping a close watch on store security, they
can also go onto the shop floor and observe unnoticed.

The main task of an

main task of an LPO is simple..Loss prevention. In other words they
prevent people from stealing from the company. Whether that’s
shoplifters who are looking to steal items or goods, or whether it’s
employees looking to steal money from the till, their main job role
is theft prevention. They also need to be able to interact and deal
with perpetrators, so good communication skills are essential.

So how do they stop
loss prevention?

LPO’s have had years of experience within the security industry and
have undergone thorough training applicable to their current job
role. As a result they’ll have a good understanding of many of the
scams and signs that a shoplifter or rogue employee might adopt. This
might include looking out for people wearing excessive amounts of
clothing, or those who enter with large bags. In fact keeping an eye
out for anything that might arise suspicion is all part of an LPO’s
job. Store managers may call an LPO in for example if they are
experiencing high stock or cash losses and don’t know where to start.
As a result the LPO might run background checks on employees and/or
closely monitor people through surveillance CCTV for suspicious

Assessing retail

addition to physically preventing losses an LPO might also be called
on by a retailer to carry out in-store security training or to help
create a more security conscious zone. They might for instance look
at camera placement, enhancing security tagging, or develop further
procedures and policies to assist store employees in preventing
theft. Finally, they might also be asked to carry out store security
risk assessments and report back to company HQ with their findings.
These are all part and parcel of an LPO’s duties.

good to know then that when you hire us for covert/over loss
prevention duties, we have a wealth of experience on the team.
Ultimately not only will this give you peace-of mind knowing that you
have the right people for the job, but it might save your business a
ton of money in the process,

find out more about how we can help, contact MA Security on 1300
020 406
today and talk to
our friendly but experienced team.

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