In Australia alone
plant theft from construction sites costs companies over $140 million
every year. Everything from compressors, excavators, and even cranes
are considered fair game for thieves. The reason is that unlike motor
vehicles, plant equipment has a very low recovery rate – often less
than 10% because they often have few (if any) identifying marks. Add
to this a lack of registration documentation such as log books,
number plates, etc and it’s easy to see why plant equipment is
considered as easy pickings for any criminal intent on stealing from

There are other reasons
why construction sites are considered gold mines for thieves. Firstly
most construction sites work to tight deadlines so ease of use of the
equipment is of primary importance. For this reason equipment needs
to be made available quickly. To aid this manufactures have developed
multiple plant vehicles with a single common-key operation system
that matches vehicles which are visibly on site, meaning that
criminals don’t have to search around for individual sets of keys.
Even equipment that is locked away is often found to be secured using
a simple padlock and chain system, making them easy targets.

So what can you as a
construction owner do?

Firstly the best course
of action is to place identifying marks on all plant equipment and
machinery. This way if it is stolen, you stand a greater than 10%
chance of recovery.

In addition,
construction sites have an abundance of dark recesses, corners, and
places where undesirables can sneak about unnoticed. By placing good
quality security lighting including motion sensors at various places
around your compound you can often alleviate this problem. Remember
criminals like easy targets, so the more difficult you make it for
them, the less they’ll want to steal from you.

Video surveillance

Rigging up a
comprehensive CCTV system might seem costly, but it won’t be as
costly as the loss in revenue a stolen machine or piece of equipment
can bring. Aside from acting as a deterrent, CCTV can also be used as
evidence in the case of any theft, making it easier to recover
equipment and bring those responsible to justice.

Hire a security

Aside from the above,
many construction companies are going that one step further to
protect their assets by hiring an on-site security guard and this is
undoubtedly a smart move. Firstly, as well as acting as a deterrent
against any criminal looking for an opportunity, they also help to
deter any ‘inside’ employee theft such as those who steal copper or
cable to sell on for commercial gains.

If you own a
construction business and are looking to beef up your security speak
to MA Security. We do everything from supplying security personnel
through to carrying out security assessments. Why not contact us
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towards complete peace-of-mind.

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