It’s one thing hiring a guard to watch over a business premises but it’s another finding an event security team who can keep a close eye on tens of thousands of people as you’d expect at a typical festival or event. As such the latter takes some serious and meticulous planing. That said, although it sounds complex, effective large scale security can be broken down into 3 main roles or management structures.

The command centre or command group

This is the place from where all effective directives should come. It’s generally run by a team of individuals overseen by one person, all of whom are highly experienced in this type of security. From here they can monitor or observe any problems or issues and can give direction to the people on the ground.

The supervisors

Those in a supervisory role are normally stationed on the ground or at the event itself and act as a point of contact for any team members who encounter difficult or uncertain situations. Just like the command group, the supervisors should be well-trained security guards in their own right and in effect will know how to handle most situations. As such they provide that all important back-up and support for team members should the need arise.

Team Members

Ideally team members are also trained security personnel however, providing that they’ve had thorough and sufficient training, they don’t necessarily have to be. In fact at many large scale sporting and music events, they aren’t. Team members are usually responsible for entry and exit control, parking, and traffic flow. They can also act as a point of contact for any festival goers who experience problems. If it’s something relatively simple like being pointed in the direction of their tent because they’re lost then a team member will normally deal with it. However if it’s more complex such as reporting a theft or a complaint then it might be passed to a supervisor to deal with.

When all three segments of security work together the results are a smooth event that festival goers or sports enthusiasts will enjoy for all the right reasons. However when communication breaks down, then it can result in serious problems.

At MA Services Group we’ve been in the security business for many years. As such we have the skills and the experience to take on a wide range of security roles including event security. If you’re planning an event and need security guidance, then contact us on 03 9994 4107 for further information about how we can help you.

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